What is your wireless coverage area? Do you have a coverage map?

We sure do - although our coverage expands often, you can check out a snapshot of our coverage (as of early 2020) below. Pentanet fixed wireless covers from Alkimos to Secret Harbour, and east to Roleystone.

If your home or business is covered by the orange shading, you can probably get Pentanet fixed wireless! If you’re also covered by a black circle, you’re in luck - our PentaMAX millimeter wave service may also be an option for you.

Don’t forget that Pentanet fixed wireless relies on a line of sight to our towers. Sometimes, trees, buildings and other objects can obstruct this line of sight, so make sure you check your address on our website to find out exactly what’s available. We’ll tell you instantly.

Even if you’re not in an area of current wireless coverage, we’ll keep your details on file if you ask us to. When we later expand our wireless coverage area and we may be able to connect you, the team will be in touch to discuss your options.


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Published date: 12/03/2018
Last updated: 27/02/2020 (Ali)
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