Which modem/routers are incompatible with Pentanet services?

It’s important for you to know that when you bring your own router, we can’t provide in-depth technical support for it. In most cases, we’ll be happy to refer you to online articles that may be able to assist however there may be an additional charge if you need a walk through or technical support. You can read more about that here: https://kb.pentanet.com.au/faq/byo-router

Unfortunately, some devices are just unable to be configured on the Pentanet network. Devices identified to be incompatible with Pentanet services include:

  • Any Optus branded device (Sagemcomm etc)
  • Any TPG branded device (Technicolour, Huawei, TP-Link)
  • Any DODO branded device
  • Any Foxtel branded device
  • Huawei HG659 (ISP supplied only)
  • Belong 4353
  • Sagemcomm F@st devices
  • Vodafone branded devices (please contact us with your model number for confirmation)
  • Netgear DSL modems (older models only)
  • Telstra devices may work, however are known to reset themselves periodically which can cause issues with your internet service.

It’s important to remember when choosing a modem/router to consider that your internet needs may change now or in the future. At a minimum, your modem/router should have gigabit LAN/WAN ports and also have 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi.

Hot Tip 1: 5GHz can reach faster speeds, but doesn’t penetrate walls well. 2.4GHz travels farther, but often won’t be as fast. We recommend using the 5GHz network when you’re nearby the unit, or the 2.4GHz if you’re in a different room or further away.

Hot Tip 2: Data critical devices like PCs, consoles and smart TVs should always be cabled in for the best possible performance. If your device is not performing to your expectations, you may need to perform a speed test using a direct PPPoE connection to rule out issues with your modem/router.

For more information, please check out our router provisioning guides here.

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