How to configure an AmpliFi HD router to accept IPv6

Known Issue: We’re aware of an issue affecting newer Amplifi units with IPv6 enabled, and are working with the manufacturer towards a solution. In the meantime, we still recommend enabling IPv6 now, as your connectivity will be unaffected and you will be able to fully enjoy IPv6 once a software update addressing the issue is released from the manufacturer.

Configuring an AmpliFi HD router to accept IPv6 on the Pentanet network is quick and easy. Here’s how:

Before you begin

The AmpliFi HD router will need to be configured and online. You will also need the AmpliFi app installed on your phone or tablet.

You might also want to read our article All About IPv6.

Configuring your AmpliFi HD router to accept IPv6

  1. Connect your phone or tablet to the AmpliFi HD via WiFi.

  2. Open the AmpliFi app and tap on the router you would like to configure. Image

  3. Once you’ve selected the router you’d like to configure, open the internet settings section. Image

  4. Within internet settings scroll down to the IPv6 section and enable IPv6 and select DHCPv6 from the drop down. Image

  5. Enjoy the future of the internet!

Still stuck?

Each of the devices on your network should now receive an IPv6 address in addition to the IPv4 address they already receive, if some of your devices don’t receive an IPv6 address first try turning them off and back on. If they still have not received an IPv6 address please reach out the the manufacturer of the device as there may be additional steps to enable IPv6 for the device.

If you’ve followed the steps above and are still stuck, please reach out to support for assistance.

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Published date: 08/08/2019
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