How can I manage or reduce my traffic from streaming services?

Just got connected to Pentanet’s high-speed network, and are finding that you’re using much more data than expected?

If you’re using streaming services (such as Netflix, Youtube or Stan) one common cause here can be that these services use ‘adaptive’ quality, meaning that they adapt the quality (or bitrate) of the content according to the speed of your connection.

In other words, once these streaming services ‘see’ that you have a faster connection, they will increase the quality of the content that they are serving you, which in turn uses more of your download quota.

In general terms, streaming in HD quality will usually use around 3GB of data per hour, and streaming in UHD (4K) quality can use 7-8GB per hour. Streaming in SD (standard definition) quality will generally use less than 1GB of data per hour.

If you’d prefer not to upgrade your plan quota, one option is to turn the quality of these services ‘down’, so that they use less data.

We’ve outlined the steps to do this for various streaming services below:


“Sign in to, then select the profile you’d like to change your data usage settings for. Under ‘My Profile’, select ‘Playback Settings’, then select your desired data usage settings.”


“In the video player, select ‘More’, click ‘Quality’, and then select your preferred video quality.”


“Click/select the Settings cog while watching a video, then select your preferred quality setting.”


“Select the Cog wheel in the top right corner of the screen, select ‘Data Usage’, and then select ‘High’ or ‘Low’ depending on your preference”

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Published date: 09/09/2018
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