Do you offer a VoIP service? Can I use my existing VoIP phone?

Do you offer a VoIP service?

No. We do not currently offer a VoIP (Voice over IP) service with any of our plans or packages or as an add-on service. We may offer it down the track, but right now, our focus is on delivering you great speeds at a great price.

Can I use a 3rd party VoIP service?

Absolutely! Most VoIP services should work great with either our NBN or our fixed wireless plans.

Something to keep in mind here is that in order to work well, VoIP traffic needs to get in and out of your network without any delays. If your connection is being fully utilised by other devices on your network, then VoIP traffic can be delayed or discarded by your router as it enters or leaves your router.

To prevent VoIP traffic from being delayed or discarded, your router needs to support a feature called QoS (Quality of Service) and the QoS feature must be configured to allow for VoIP traffic.

In many cases, depending on your equipment, this can be as simple as checking a box in the device’s settings. In other cases or scenarios, making these changes can require advanced networking knowledge.

Generally, if your router has VoIP built in (you input your SIP account settings into the router and you plug a handset directly into it) it will automatically provide QoS for your VoIP traffic.

For other routers, and when a standalone VoIP adapter (ATA) is used, generally you will need to configure QoS manually. For an example of how to configure QoS on the Netcomm NF10vw units we supply, see this article:

For help implementing QoS on your network, speak to your IT professional.

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Published date: 23/02/2018
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