Do you supply a router? Can I bring my own?

Requirements for BYO routers:

If you’re bringing your own router, it needs to have an ‘ethernet WAN’ port and support standard PPPoE authentication - most models on the market do. You can find a more detailed guide on entering your authentication details into your router here.

Supplied router

The team at Pentanet have done the hard work for you and identified the best performing devices for the fixed-wireless and NBN network. You can see them here:

Support for BYO/3rd party routers

It’s important for you to know that if you bring your own router, we can’t provide technical support for it - though that’s not to say you’re completely on your own. In most cases, we’ll be happy to give you some quick advice or information to help get you up and running!

If you have a larger house, intend to connect a lot of wireless devices, or require advanced functionality, we recommend that you choose a wireless router suitable for your own specific needs.

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Published date: 23/02/2018
Last updated: 12/07/2018 (Connor)
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