AmpliFi HD and Amplifi Instant Setup Guide

Configuring your AmpliFi router for use with Pentanet is quick and easy, here’s how:

Before you begin:

You’ll need to know your PPPoE username and PPPoE password, which can be found in the welcome email we sent you.

Not able to locate your welcome email? No worries – you can also find these details under settings in the “Services” tab in the customer portal (

To manage most settings in your Amplifi, you’ll need to install the AmpliFi app on your mobile device. If you haven’t already done so, tap the link below to install the app for your device:

For iOS Devices: For Android Devices:

Setting up AmpliFi for the first time:

Note: If you’ve already setup your AmpliFi and just need to reconfigure the settings you can skip on over to the Configuring AmpliFi section of this guide.

  1. Open up the AmpliFi app and choose Set up AmpliFi Mesh System. Image

  2. When the setup video begins, choose Skip. Image

  3. Choose the AmpliFi device you’d like to setup and follow the prompts to set a Wi-Fi name and password. Image

  4. Once you have completed the setup wizard you should be taken to the AmpliFi home page. You may need to connect your phone back up to the AmpliFi using the Wi-Fi name and password you just set a moment ago in the setup wizard. You can now move onto the Configuring AmpliFi part of this guide.

Configuring AmpliFi:

  1. Open the AmpliFi app and tap on the AmpliFi device to begin managing it. Image

  2. Tap on your AmpliFi to access the its settings. If you have multiple in a Mesh system please choose the primary AmpliFi (connected to your internet service). Image

  3. Tap Internet Image

  4. Set the Connection Type to PPPoE then, enter your Pentanet PPPoE username and password. Note: Your username should be in all lowercase and your password will be case sensitive.

  5. Toggle IPv6 to Enabled and ensure the Network Type is set to DHCPv6, then choose the apply checkmark in the top righthand corner to apply settings.

Your settings page should look similar to this: Image

I’ve saved the settings but I’m still not online, help!

If you’ve followed the steps above and you’re still unable to get online check that there is an ethernet cable connected to the blue Internet port. Depending on your service type where the other end of this cable will need to be plugged into may differ. If you’re still having troubles getting online, reach out to our friendly support team who will be happy to assist.

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